Foster Mom Discovers Sick Pup Resting On Porch Swing in Her New Jammies

A hearted foster mother, in Houston Texas is bringing comfort and healing to a Pit Bull who narrowly escaped euthanasia at a shelter.

Butterfly, the Pit Bull was rescued on September 6th when her foster mom reached out to Dizzy Dog Animal Rescue for assistance. Recognizing the urgency of the situation Butterfly was quickly removed from the shelter. Taken to her temporary home. Sadly due to mange Butterflys skin was in a state with red scabs covering her body. The constant itchiness only added to her discomfort.

In an effort to ease Butterflys suffering her foster mom gave her a soothing bath one day after rescue and dressed her in cozy pajamas. It seemed as though Butterfly sensed she was finally safe because she immediately settled into her surroundings in a way.

Dizzy Dog Animal Rescue shared a heartwarming moment on their Facebook page when they found Butterfly making herself comfortable on the porch swing while her foster mom watched over her with affection. Such sweet gestures!

The day Butterfly visited the veterinarian for an examination and necessary treatments to aid in healing her skin condition. A shot was administered to alleviate some of the itching.

The rescue group is optimistic that Butterfly is already showing signs of improvement both in appearance and hopefully, in how she feels.

Three days after her visit, to the vet Dizzy Dog provided an update on Butterflys progress.

“This adorable pup has already made improvements in her physical recovery journey… Her skin is less red and irritated which is a relief ” they shared. “We are also starting to notice some hair regrowth!”

However Butterfly isn’t out of the woods yet. “She woke up today with a nose so we’re taking her back to the vet ” Dizzy Dog wrote. “During her visit on Friday she was diagnosed with an ear infection. Hopefully this issue resolves quickly.”

Despite these challenges the group remains hopeful that Butterflys healing will continue and they expressed gratitude towards their supporters for their contributions towards this effort. If you would like to make a donation, towards Butterflys needs you can visit Dizzy Dogs PayPal page or Facebook page. Additionally Butterfly has her Amazon Wishlist.