Buddy the Dog has made a recovery one year after suffering burns caused by a Kid.

Buddy, a dog gained attention a year ago when he became the victim of a harrowing incident where a child subjected him to a violent burn attack causing severe damage, to his face.

Despite the experience Buddy never lost his resilience. Over the months he has made an incredible recovery. Now one year later his new owner has confirmed that Buddy is “completely healed” and doing well.

Back in April Buddy first made headlines when he returned home with horrifying burns on his face after being set on fire. The intensity of the flames scorched his flesh. Caused excruciating pain that his eyelids swelled shut leaving him blinded. Additionally he was found with an extension cord wrapped around his neck—a means of restraining him.

The person responsible for this act was eventually identified as an individual who admitted to setting fire to Buddy. However due to Mississippi law stating that individuals under the age of 12 cannot be charged with crimes no legal action could be taken against them.

Given the severity of Buddys injuries he was taken to the Tunica Humane Society for treatment. His veterinarians initially expressed concern about his prognosis. Warned that it would be a journey ahead for him. However they were pleasantly surprised by his progress over time and now have expectations, for his recovery.

According to Sandy Williams from the Tunica Humane Society it’s hard to believe that someone could be so cruel. Buddy, the dog was friendly and gentle often following the kids, around the neighborhood.

Dr. Elizabeth Swanson, a professor and veterinary surgeon mentioned that Buddys vital signs are good. However being a patient means there is a road ahead that needs to be conquered.

Buddy was transferred to Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine for treatment. The veterinarians were amazed by Buddys attitude despite facing adversity.

In an update from the Humane Society they mentioned that Buddy was in spirits and wagging his tail while being quite cooperative.

Over time Buddys condition improved gradually. Although he couldn’t see because of the bandages, on his head veterinarians were relieved to find out that his eyelids hadn’t been affected by the burns.

The Humane Society reports that he continues to make progress every day. Everyone involved has praised the results of his skin grafts. Acknowledged how he has never disappointed his doctors. Healing burns can be challenging,. Buddy is managing well.

“Buddys appearance has shown improvement during todays bandage change. As he continues to heal he is also gaining back some of his basic abilities.”

After undergoing months of rehabilitation and receiving skin grafts Buddy is gradually returning to his self with bandages.

“It’s evident that Buddy is happier and more playful now that his ears are no longer bound by bandages ” commented the Tunica Humane Society summer. “I’m sure he is experiencing a deal of joy as he slowly regains a sense of normalcy in his life.”

August marked a milestone for Buddy when the bandages covering his face were finally removed allowing him to see again after months.

According to the Humane Society “his eyes were wide open. He appeared very aware.” “Thanks, to the prayers from all of you Buddy can still see.”

“The tragic incident where a child set fire to his face changed this pets life in an instant.”

Regaining the ability to see was a step, in rehabilitating this unfortunate dog and those caring for him believe that his true personality has started emerging once again.

According to Sandy Williams from the Tunica Humane Society Buddys demeanor has completely transformed since he started enjoying the sunlight.

“He’s full of joy and playfulness strolling around the clinic with a ball, in his mouth.”

“He really loves carrying those balls to show everyone.”

Buddy, who suffered burns a year ago has now made a ” recovery ” as confirmed by the Animal Society.

Buddy is thriving under the care of Dr. Swanson in his home according to the veterinarian.

As per the Tunica Humane Society “his face is fully healed now.” “He doesn’t need to wear that cone of shame ” Nowadays he spends his days like any dog would; playing fetch going on long walks with his humans and being spoiled because he deserves it for being such a good dog!

“Buddys incredible journey back from his injuries is truly miraculous and all those who have cared for him should be immensely proud.”

The team, at Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine came together to celebrate Buddys recovery.

“After going through activities receiving hugs from all the hospital staff and playing games of fetch Buddy is now flourishing in his home!” The institution shared a heartwarming photo of Buddy, on Facebook, where he looked incredibly happy and content.

Remembering Buddys past is difficult. Its truly inspiring to see the tremendous progress he has made over the course of a year. We are immensely grateful, to everyone who has contributed to his recovery.