Dog Looks Like A Pile Of Rags Undergoes A Remarkable Transformation

While taking a walk along a canal a man came across what seemed to be a heap of discarded old rags next, to a bench. However as he approached he was taken aback to discover that it was actually a unkempt dog.

The poor creature appeared immobilized. Defeated. The man decided to take him and promptly rushed him to the veterinarian for care. Eventually the responsibility of Morriss well being was transferred into the hands of the RSPCA.

Ryan King, an animal rescuer inspector associated with the RSPCA shared in a press release “When the man first encountered Morris lying near the canal bench he initially believed that this unfortunate canine had already succumbed. But upon examination he realized that Morris was still breathing; however his fur had become so matted and heavy that it rendered him practically immobile and filled with fear.”

Regrettably Morris had lost vision in one eye. Suffered from cataracts in the other. Despite their efforts veterinarians were unable to restore his eyesight. It is likely that his impaired vision played a role in preventing him from navigating from the canals vicinity and instead relying on passersby, for assistance.

His fur was. Messy, which made it difficult for him to move. Thankfully the veterinary staff took care of the issue promptly.

“While he was, at the hospital they had to shave off 1.3 kilograms of his fur, which accounted for 10 percent of his body weight. This was causing him pain and hindering his mobility ” explained King. “Once they removed the fur he started feeling more comfortable and underwent an incredible transformation.”

After Morris was cleaned up and groomed he embarked on a healing journey under the loving care of the RSPCA. It didn’t take long for him to find his home as someone perfect came along.

“We were aware that Morris was blind when we adopted him. Luckily I have a home that suits him perfectly. He can easily navigate in and out of the garden without any issues ” shared Josephine Newhall, Morris new owner, in a press release statement. “I also discovered that he is deaf; however these disabilities don’t hold him back in any way.”Morris is really enjoying his home. 

He even has a girlfriend now which happens to be Ruby, the dog of his moms daughter. When he was initially discovered he seemed defeated. Now he has a fresh start, in life.

“He is such a companion and considering his circumstances it’s truly miraculous that he’s still, with us ” expressed Newhall.