Pregnant Dog Abandoned At Landfill, Beats All Challenges Before Giving Birth To Her Puppies

Carmi was cruelly dumped into a chemical lagoon, at the dumpsite like discarded garbage. The toxins from the waste caused her to suffer from bruising and burns on her skin.

Heartless individuals left her there. She managed to find food and rest.

We stepped in to offer assistance because Carmi is not pregnant but in a critical condition. Her tail wags incessantly and she looks at me as if pleading “Please help my babies.”

The crew promptly took Carmi to the veterinarian for care. After conducting a blood test it was revealed that she is anemic with blood cell count and high white blood cell count due to a severe blood infection. Additionally elevated BUN levels indicate kidney issues resulting from exposure. However she tested negative for distemper.

A miraculous turn of events unfolded ten days later! Despite everything Carmi had endured she gave birth to four puppies. Each of them has found loving homes, with families.

Carmi is now gaining weight, growing fur and slowly blossoming into a dog. She has experienced sorrow and suffering as a neglected and mistreated puppy. Abandoned on the streets she had to fend for herself amidst conditions and uncertainty.

Carmi is flourishing with love, warmth and endless opportunities for joy. Her tail happily wags as she soaks up the affection that envelops her.

Not has she discovered her home but also everlasting happiness. She truly deserves a start, in life. Her happiness serves as a poignant reminder that every animal deserves love and nurturing.