Puppy Abandoned At Shelter With All Her Belongings And Requested To Be Euthanized

When Princess found herself left behind at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria she was discovered in a crate, in the parking lot with all her belongings crammed into shopping bags. 

What made this more heart wrenching was the note that accompanied her abandonment. Requesting that she be euthanized and her belongings donated to dogs after her passing. Georgia Dodson, director and cofounder of Miris Haven Senior Dog Rescue shared this story.

Given Princess age of 16 years old the shelter did not have resources to provide her with the care she needed. Thankfully Miris Haven Senior Dog Rescue stepped in to take over Princess care. Both they and the shelter were shocked by the request made by Princess former family.

Princess understandably felt confused and disoriented after being abandoned by the family she had ever known. However once she left the shelter environment a transformation occurred. It became evident to everyone involved that Princess still possessed plenty of life and love to give.

“Given Princesss age and kidney disease it is highly likely that she will receive hospice care. However she is not currently experiencing any pain; the emotional distress of being abandoned by her owner is the concern ” explained Dodson. “Every day we witness her thriving more and more thanks, to a tender loving care.”

Princess will now spend the remainder of her life under the care of a foster home that specializes in hospice care. Despite her age she still possesses an abundance of love to offer and everyone involved with the rescue organization is grateful to be able to assist her during this time.