Abandoned Puppy Begs Woman For Food, But She Gave Him Everything Instead

This is the story of Sanjo, a puppy who had to rely on scavenging for food in order to survive. He had been living on the streets ever since his heartless owner abandoned him. With a limp and a desperate look, in his eyes Sanjo was eventually rescued by an individual who couldn’t resist the urge to lend a helping hand.

At first Sanjo was hesitant. Didn’t trust his rescuer. However as time went by and with plenty of patience he gradually started to warm up to them. After receiving a deserved bath and visiting the veterinarians clinic it was discovered that Sanjo suffered from dysplasia, which caused partial paralysis in his hind legs. The option of surgery entailed risks and potential lifelong paralysis.

Moreover it came with a price tag. Alternatively there was the choice of maintenance supplements along with weight control; however this approach might take considerable time to yield any results or may not be effective at all.

Determined to give Sanjo an opportunity for a life his rescuer decided to take him for examination and treatment at a larger animal hospital. The woman diligently saved up money for the surgery. Ultimately gave her approval for it. Following an operation Sanjo began his journey towards recovery. In celebration of his progress and newfound freedom his rescuer made the decision to take him on a trip to Tengchong, in Yunnan province.

During their journey, Sanjo and the person who saved him faced obstacles, such, as finding places that welcome pets and figuring out how to get around using transportation. Despite these challenges they also encountered acts of kindness from strangers. Witnessed the beauty of the world around them. Sanjo even made canine friends. Relished the freedom of running through fields.

As time went on and Sanjo continued to heal his rescuer realized the bond they had formed and the happiness that Sanjo brought into their life. Now Sanjo is living a life enjoying all the things, in life thanks to the love and attention given by his rescuer.

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