Man Literally Risks His Own Life Many Times To Save And Rescue Dogs

Marc Ching is a man who has a massive passion for animals that does not exist in anyone else. He had made 4 hard trips to Asia just to save dogs from fur trades and underground meat.

Marc’s organization called the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation and it is responsible for saving dogs. He is Japanese nutritionist and herbalist.

His first trip was to Beijing, China, to discover the area. And this journey was a big challenge as he does not Chinese language and could not get a translator with him as there are many dangers in it.

He traveled to a place that he would heard some rumors about, it is a slaughterhouse, he saw many trucks of dogs being unloaded into the slaughterhouse.

He took some pictures and decided to speak with the men who were unloading the animals, but they beat him up, but fortunately he finally could manage to get away from the place.

About more than 10 million dogs are killed in china every year, according to the Humane Society International. And many dogs are now born to slaughter, but lately dissent to this horrific system has been growing more and more.

Marc’s affection was clear, as people are starting fighting for dogs!

Fortunately, in his second trip he found a translator and he followed numerous breeding zones and slaughterhouses. Sadly, he can’t save the all dogs, but he really focused to save as much as he can.

He invented a nice way to save dogs, pretending to be a buyer, which makes it easier to see dogs without any problems.

When Marc saved the dogs, he tries to get them to be adopted by kind people in China, after getting them to some veterinarians to be completely recovered.

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