Bus Driver Pulls Over When He Spots Two Tiny Puppies Inside Cardboard Box

Waking up in a place and realizing you’ve been left alone is a heartbreaking experience. It’s hard to understand why some people could do that to animals.

Love Furry Friends, a rescue organization based in Ukraine received a call, from a bus driver.

The bus driver explained that they had discovered a package at a bus stop.

The team immediately rushed to the location to investigate. They found the package placed next to the metal benches.

The area was. Shrouded in darkness making one wonder how anyone could leave another being in conditions.

Suddenly a little head popped out from the box.

It was a puppy that must have heard the rescuers vehicle approaching.. Then there was another puppy who timidly peeked out well this one with white fur.

The rescuers wasted no time examining the puppies. While they were briefed by the bus driver about the situation nobody knew for sure how long those poor puppies had been left out there in the cold.

Upon inspection of the box it became evident that someone had intentionally placed them there – indicated by the presence of pads, on its bottom. The rescuers also confirmed their suspicion that both puppies were female.

According to the rescuers female puppies tend to be abandoned because spaying them can be costly.

Thankfully both of the puppies still appeared to be, in spirits.

Their fur was tangled with a mixture of dirt and debris. Despite this they were not undernourished. Displayed an friendly demeanor.

The two puppies were subsequently given names; Mia for the one. Leya for the white puppy.

Upon their rescue their rehabilitation began immediately.

Initially they were provided with water and food. The rescuers noted that their enthusiastic eating suggested they may not have eaten in days.

The pups also received their bath; however regular shampoo wasn’t sufficient. Consequently they were taken to a grooming salon for a cleaning.

After their bath the puppies appeared different!

They seemed as though they had been cherished and well cared for for a period of time – precisely what their rescuers had envisioned for them.

As if the complete transformation wasn’t enough the rescuers even purchased some toys for Mia and Leya. They believed these toys would likely be their source of enjoyment, in life.

Now the rescuers are hopeful that these adorable pups will find loving homes.

They are requesting donations, from people over the world. The funds raised will be used to provide resources like food, water, medicine and other necessary expenses to give these dogs a chance at life.

Many internet users also praised the efforts of both the rescuers and the concerned bus driver.

“Thank you to the bus driver who took the time to call a rescue for these pups. And thank you to everyone involved in their rescue and care ” one comment expressed. “You’re all like angels.”

Take a look, at how two puppies were saved from a lit bus stop.

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