Dog Saved From Meat Market Gets Surgery On Her Snout And Finds Forever Home

Angel, a shepherd has endured a life. Initially involved in Chinas dog meat trade she was fortunately rescued from her circumstances, by Rushton Dog Rescue in 2015.

According to LADBible Angel eventually found her home in the UK with Hollie Cornes, a 25 year military dog handler. Despite overcoming obstacles she still bore the scars of her past which resulted in a disfigured face. This scar caused Angel to experience breathing difficulties.

To address this issue and provide Angel with quality of life she underwent surgery before being adopted. However the surgery did not fully resolve her breathing problems. Consequently it was necessary for Angel to undergo a CT scan to investigate the issue.

Naturally undergoing such a procedure incurred expenses. To alleviate this burden Hollie took to Angels Instagram page. Made an appeal for support. Fortunately someone responded generously and promptly.

Hollie shared with LADBible that “We were informed that the initial CT scan would cost £2,500 and an amazing lady, on Instagram immediately sent us the required funds.”After receiving the CT results it was discovered that Angel had developed tissue, in her nose completely blocking it and leaving only a small 2mm hole for breathing. 

This meant that she needed to undergo surgery to improve her breathing. Hollie didn’t hesitate in making the decision as she simply wanted what was best for her dog.

However the surgical procedure came with a price tag. To overcome this hurdle Hollie reached out to Angels followers on Instagram for assistance.

Thanks to the support of her 31K followers, Angel and Hollie managed to raise over $6,000 through Angels page in a few days.

Hollie expressed gratitude towards the fundraising efforts and her support network emphasizing that, without their help it would not have been possible. In total the cost of the surgery amounted to £7,500 which they would never have been able to afford on their own.