Animal Control Wasn’t Able To Figure Out What Was Wrong, Until Kids From Neighborhood Admitted The Worst

Dogs are loving creatures who simply desire our love and attention. It’s truly unfathomable why anyone would ever want to harm an animal.

A dedicated animal control officer sprang into action upon discovering a dog lying on the sidewalk. Initially he attempted to call out to the dog. Received no response. With caution he. Noticed that the dog was still breathing, yet unresponsive, to his touch. That’s when he uncovered the truth about what had happened to this dog named Peanut.

According to reports from children it was alleged that someone injected Peanut with cocaine. This harmful substance caused her heart rate to soar. Left her fighting for her life. The officer quickly scooped her up realizing she was heavily panting and promptly rushed her over to Faithful Friends Animal Society.

Peanut finally found herself surrounded by caring individuals who would do everything in their power to save her. Given the uncertainty of how much drugs were in her system and her deteriorating condition her survival remained precarious. The dedicated staff immediately administered an IV treatment in order to begin flushing out the drug from Peanuts system.

Upon arrival due to the dosage she had received Peanut was unable to walk, stand, eat or drink. All she could do was lie panting with a racing heart. However after a days, on the IV treatment plan she began showing signs of improvement.

A report, from the toxicology department came back with results.

It was discovered that Peanut had tested positive for cocaine and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It was heartbreaking to think that poor dog had been forced to consume drugs by kids. The priority was to flush the drugs out of her system before they caused harm. The only hope for Peanuts recovery was through fluids. Over the course of two days the staff provided her with needed hydration and emotional support showing her that not all humans are cruel.

The staff estimated that Peanut was around a year old. Despite her age she had already endured levels of torture instead of enjoying a carefree puppyhood. Thankfully her youth made her body more resilient and capable of surviving abuse.

Kevin Rentz, Marketing Manager at the rescue center shared his heartbreak about Peanuts condition; “When she first arrived she couldn’t walk, stand, eat or drink. Our veterinarians had never witnessed mistreatment involving narcotics, like this.”

enough despite everything she had been through Peanut gradually returned to being a dog and showed great friendliness towards the staff members who cared for her. After experiencing trauma all she wanted was love and affection. The staff grew fond of her. Hoped that she would find a home.

“She captured the hearts of everyone our vets and technicians alike.”As the drugs began to leave her system it was evident that her true personality was shining through.

Although she still had a journey, towards recovery Peanut showed signs of improvement. With care she eventually made a recovery. Enough they discovered that she had an affinity for playing with balls. “She wouldn’t let her ball out of sight ” Rentz shared.

When Peanuts story caught the attention of the media, a family from Delaware reached out to the center. Expressed interest in adopting her. They visited the center. Instantly fell in love, with Peanut. Finally she found an loving home to call her own.