No One Was Interested To Adopt This Dog With Special Needs, Until His Story Went Viral

Life can be quite challenging, for dogs in shelters especially if they have needs. Jack, a nine month pup with spina bifida faced some difficulties finding a home. Despite the efforts of his team and a special day out captured on Facebook by Peaches Bully Rescue in Ohio he couldn’t find the family.

Disappointingly after dressing Jack up and preparing him for a 40 minute drive to meet his adopters they suddenly stopped responding. It was disheartening that he didn’t find his home with them.

However the post on Facebook, about Jacks situation went viral. It didn’t take long for another family to become interested. His story gained popularity that even People Magazine, The New York Post and The Today Show featured it!All of a applications flooded in to help after Jacks story reached, over 3 million people.

It wasn’t just individuals from the United States; families from countries like Australia, the UK and Germany also stepped forward to offer him a home.

Despite Jack needing to wear a diaper due to his health condition he has a nature. Would be a wonderful addition, to the right family.

Thankfully we were able to find him the home!