Dog Who Was Found Living On A Heavy Chain His Whole Life, Grabs His Rescuer’s Hand

This unfortunate pit bull had spent his life tied to a chain attached to a doghouse. When his owners had to evacuate after their country was attacked by Russia they abandoned him without providing any food or water. The chain he was, on was so short that it barely reached the kennel. Despite these hardships the pit bulls tail still wagged with joy.

Rescuers from Love Furry Friends. Toby was overjoyed to see them! Since he didn’t have a collar on the chain had caused wounds, around his neck. 

The dog then approached one of the rescuers. Seemed to be asking for help, which’s exactly what he received. They brought him in for a checkup. Gave him his very first bath ever. From now on his life will never be the same! 🙂