Golden Retriever Builds Friendship With A Deer, Then She Brings Her Family To Meet Him

Seeing friendships is always a great thing no matter what the creatures are. However, when it is between animals of different species, it is greater as the results are beautiful and precious.

That exactly what happened with a pet dog, who befriended with a local deer. Kap, the dog, loved the deer too much to the point she let her family meet him by bringing him in! A video was shared on TikTok by @kapandchief showing the great friendship between the 2 animals.

You can see in the video below how the deer and Kap love each other despite being separated with a fence. They are completely smitten with one another. The owner said that Kap will wait for the deer when he does visit him!

The video shows one of their meetings when the deer surrounded with many other deer as if he wants to introduce them to the dog. It is one of greatest videos I have ever seen. Watch the video below.

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