Woman Reunites With Her Lost Golden Retriever After Car Accident

Gunner, a golden retriever, got lost from his owner, Hannah Smith, due to a car accident in Indianapolis. Smith was completely devastated after losing her dog, but nothing lasts forever!

A woman found the after being led to the dog by her dogs, and was able to get the dog under her care. The woman then started looking online to see if she could find the dog’s owner, and she did on Indy Lost Pet’s.

So, she called Smith to tell her the big news. Smith could not believe what she heard, and directly headed to get her dog back! The reunion was so great and emotional as Gunner started crying when he saw Smith and ran toward her!

Thankfully, despite having a few scrapes, and being covered in dirt and filthy, Gunner was generally healthy. She took him to the vet to receive inflammation and pain medication, a vitamin dose, and a bath. It is expected that he will make a full recovery soon.

Smith said that the best day in her life was when she reunited with Gunner! What a happy ending!

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