Small Chihuahua Puppy Who Was Born Prematurely, Musters Some Energy To Play With Toys

A pregnant Chihuahua arrived at the house of Anita, a foster mama, from a fellow foster to give birth in a normal situation. But an abnormal labor situation happened, and she gave birth to a male puppy called Stuart. Anita said that Stuart’s head was so little and as small as her thumb!

Being very small made the process of taking care of Stuart harder for Anita as she had to feed him with a syringe as he was unable to nurse from his mama properly! She’d wake up every few hours to feed him and to take care of him.

It did not take long before Stuart’s bravery started to show! Despite being behind in comparison with dogs in his age, he had made a good development as he started to play with some toys that are sensory type. However, his improvement continued daily, and he even found his forever home. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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