Foster Dog Milts Hearts Of Millions With His Reaction After Leaving The Shelter

This story speaks about a dog called Ronnie who was found as a stray by a good Samaritan, who took him to Dallas Animal Services. The dog was very happy once he arrived at the shelter as he knew that everyone there just wanted to help him.

Dallas Animal Services’ public information coordinator, Marlo Clingman, the dog, who was very friendly and happy to see human friends, did not stop wagging his tail.

The goal was to get Ronnie into a loving forever home, or at least a foster home, despite doing fine in the shelter. Fortunately, Ashley came to foster Ronnie, who was very happy to leave the shelter and never stopped wagging his tail from the moment he jumped in her car, according to Clingman.

Ashley shared a picture of Ronnie in her car and he was very happy and all smiles. Ronnie is now doing great in his foster home with Ashley, and he loves everyone he meets. He will easily find a forever home as he is so friendly. We hope that he will go to a forever home very soon.

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