For The First Time, A 90-Year-Old Severely Endangered Tortoise Becomes A Father.

It is known that the lifespans of tortoises are very long. Many of them are concerned young and strong when they are at the same ages of humans, that are concerned too old.

A great proof of that is Mr. Pickles who just became a father for the 1st time when he was 90 years old at the Houston Zoo. The radiated tortoise, Mr. Pickles, became a dad to 3 newborn hatchlings according to a press release by the Houston Zoo. The eggs, that were laid by Mrs. Pickles, were noticed surprisingly by the animal care team, who directly jumped into action to relocate them.

What made the situation more surprising was that the soil of Houston is not hospitable to the Madagascar native tortoises. However, the new hatchlings are now away from their parents till they are old enough. 2 of the 3 hatchlings have lighter shells and they named Gherkin and Dill, the other one has the darkest shell and it was named Jalapeño.

The news made the Houston Zoo staff very happy and they hope that more population of the same tortoise species will grow up soon.

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