Hidden Camera Captured Devoted Eagle Doing His Best To Please His Wife

Shadow came back to the nest with some lunch for him, but his partner wanted the snack to be hers. After bickering for a bit, Jackie was the one who took the snack as she thought that she should get the best treats as she is the one who lays the eggs.

The executive director of Friends of Big Bear Valley, Sandy Steers, said that Jackie always gets what she wants as she was observing them for many years with a heading camera. Steers said that Shadow always lets Jackie to be the boss as he is very tender towards her. Steers said that Shadow won Jackie’s heart from another eagle, that flew away the nest when he arrived.

Steers added that Jackie respects Shadow more than she did to her ex-mate. Steers said that watching the eagles build the nest and prepare for parenting would make viewers grow their empathy toward the wild world. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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