Ugly Dog At Shelter Is Confused Why She Is Always Being Passed Over

This story speaks about a cute shelter dog, who has a great match between a big heart and a beautiful face. The dog, Dutchess, was surrendered to OCAS (Orange County Animal Services), when she was four years old, and she just hoped everyday that she would be adopted by the right person. The dog spent more than a month waiting for her new owners with her nose pressed against her kennel.

Whenever she would hear someone coming, she started wagging her tail with excitement in hopes that they came for her. But unfortunately, she continued to be passed by. Dutchess had no idea why everyone was passing her by, but the rescuers at OCAS had a hunch. Unfortunately, everyone came to the shelter judged her according to her appearance as she had 2 small cysts under her eyes.

OCAS shared on Facebook that people think that Dutchess looks ugly because of these cysts as many people told them that. However, the rescuers believed that these cysts do not affect her at all. OCAS’ rescuers just wanted to find a forever home for Dutchess as she deserved that and they were very disappointed to that many people passed her by as she was very awesome. OCAS also shared that what made the story of Dutchess more heartbreaking is that she loves everyone.

She always had hope that she would be adopted whenever someone comes to the shelter. Fortunately, the post was seen by someone from RDD (Rescue Dogs Dream), and came to pick her up within 2 days to take her to a foster home. She was very happy to go to a foster home as she finally felt free. The greatest news was that many people applied to adopt her shortly after she was fostered.

The family had been looking for the right dog for them after loosing one of their dogs. That’s when they saw the story of Dutchess and felt that she would be the right pet for them. Dutchess was taken to a veterinary clinic where the vet was worried about her cysts as he could feel that they were making her uncomfortable as she would not let them to be touched. He also told them that they needed to be removed despite not being dangerous.

Thankfully, Dutchess had a successful surgery to remove her cysts and she then went to her foster home for a full recovery. Her forever family came after a few hours to pick her up. Dutchess’ forever family renamed her Lena. Everyone met her including her dog brother and her new parents fell in love with her from the first moment, but she was still in recovery and needed some time.

Thankfully, she made a full recovery and was able to go on adventures with her owners. What a happy ending!

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