Tiny Kitten Sneaks Out Of Its Kennel To Comfort Terrified Dog At The Vet

This story speaks about a 9-week-old kitten called Little Ginger Biscuit who was found after a heavy rainstorm in a sewer in South African. He was in desperate need of help as he was totally soaked. Ginger who, was directly taken to Greenside Animal Hospital, was a little bit nervous at first as he was so small.

But, when a rescue dog called Anne arrived at the hospital to be treated from ticks and fleas, Ginger started getting out of his shell. Anne’s condition was so bad as many veterinarians started treating her directly as she was very sick. Greenside Animal Hospital usually keep dogs and cats in separate areas, but being in isolation ward let Ginger and Anne meet.

The crates of Ginger and Anne faced each other, but they could not communicate with each other, but the cat had a different opinion as he got out of his crate one day to cuddle with Anne in her crate.

It was an adorable moment, but the staff try to keep them safe as dogs and cats are not always good friends.

But, the 2 animals did not accept that and they just wanted to stay together. It was obvious that they were becoming best friends. How adorable!

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