Woman Captured Her Dad While Taking A Nap With All The Neighbor Dogs

Lon Watson is usually found by her daughter, Catey Hall, taking a nap on the couch whenever she visits him. However, the father never being alone as all the neighborhood’s dogs come to join in for the nap.

Watson, who works at Pound on the Hill, a local rescue organization, has always been an animal lover. He has dedicated his life to rescue dogs and find them forever homes. Catey said that her family has been taking care of dogs since she was a child.

After getting married, Catey visits her parents regularly in their home, that has room for many dogs. Her father still does his best to find forever homes for dogs. Catey’s parents are now taking care of 4 dogs, but some other neighborhood’s dogs, Rosie, Fluffer-Nutter, and Hooch, spend a lot of time in their home.

All the dogs love Lon so much, and they wait for him to come back from his work to play with him and even take a cozy nap with him. Catey said that it is a daily routie for her father and the dogs. How adorable!

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