Raccoon Builds An Adorable Friendship With Baby Deer Who Lost Her Mom

A call came to Carrie Long, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, last year about a 3-week-old raccoon that was in distress after being abandoned by his mama during a rainstorm. Long, who is the owner of Texas Fawn and Friends, a non-profit organization that is specialized in rescuing deer, decided to help the raccoon, who was named Jasper, and took him in.

It was a very hard mission as Jasper was about to die. But with Long’s care and kindness, he survived. Despite being adult and able to leave the organization, the raccoon wanted to stay with Long. He is spending a great time with more than 70 orphaned deer, and even fell in love with one of them.

The deer, who lost her mama when she was young, is called Hope. All what Jasper wants is to not let Hope feel alone.

Jasper loves Hope so much and he even runs to love on her and lick her whenever he sees her! Their relationship is really cool! How adorable! Watch the video below.

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