Guy Finds An 80-Year-Old Dog Grave Which Left Him In Tears

When Zach Medlin stumbled across an unexpected thing he had never seen before while walking his dog in Kiroli Park, West Monroe, Louisiana, he just wanted to investigate to know what was the story of the small square stone he found. His one-eyed Staffordshire terrier, Serena, was interested in chasing ducks. So, he went to investigate all alone to know the story of this stone.

It was a grave stone of a dog called Buddie, who died in 1941. After reading the inscription, Medlin was completely shocked to know that there was a dog buried in a public park all by himself. It was obvious that the dog was so great to the point that he was buried in a public park.

After investigating about the stone, Medlin knew that the park was being used for the Boy Scouts and Buddie was always with them. The brave dog one day saved a boy who started to drown in the lake by alerting the other Scouts with barking loudly.

Anyway, there was another story said that the local park belonged to Buddie’s family, so, that’s why he was buried there. Actually, no matter if he was a Boy Scouts’ hero or just a family a dog, the moment was very emotional.

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