Loyal Lion Stays By The Side Of His Sick Wife Until The Very End

Muñeca and Leo, a pair of lions, have known each other for almost their whole life time as they were working in circus in Peru. ADI (Animal Defenders International) rescued them along with their kids in 2014, and separated them for a little time during the rescue.

During the rescue, the rescuers were able to take Leo and Rolex, Coco, and Chino, his children, but Muñeca was taken by the circus, that was able to hide. Thankfully, the rescuers were able to raid the circus after 6 months and rescued Muñeca and Kiara and Africa, her daughters.

What made the rescuers pretty sure that the pair of lions love each other so much when Leo became very protective to Muñeca when she fell ill. He did his best to let her feel comfortable, and encourage her to eat. Leo even continued to cuddle and hug her all the time till the very end.

Sadly, Muñeca died at the age of 19, which left Leo heartbroken. There is no perfect example of real love than this.

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