Foster Mom Wakes Up To Find Her Dog Left Her An Adorable Surprise

When Kaitlin Devoto decided to foster a dog, she knew nothing about it but to be rescued from a puppy mill. She said that she even did not know an age or gender! She saw it for the first time when she picked her up!

When she saw the puppy, it was a standard red poodle who is female. Devoto also noticed that the dog was producing some milk, which left her in awe! At first, Devoto thought that the dog had just given birth to a litter of puppies before she was rescued!

She said that if she was scheduled to be rescued, her puppies should be with her! She was completely shocked! But what happened after a few days made the fact clear!

The other day, when Devoto woke up, she found a newborn pup in the dog’s bed! That’s when she realized that the foster dog was pregnant when she was rescued! She then checked the dog’s belly to see if there were any other pups, but there was not!

So, the foster mama started comforting the mama dog and her baby directly. She named the newborn puppy, who is male, Chicky Nug as he looks like a chicken nugget. She also named the mama dog Mickey D after the fast food chain McDonald’s to fit with the theme.

Both dogs are doing a great time with Devoto, and they will go to forever homes soon as Mickey will be available for adoption next month through Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue, and Chicky, who is now 5 weeks old, will meet his adoptive family once he is 2 months. What a happy ending!

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