Missing Dog Melts Hearts Of Millions When Reunited With His Family After 5 Years

Getting your dog missing is one of the most heartbreaking things in life. However, reuniting with them equals the best feeling you can ever have. So, when Brian Gilpatrick lost Little Buppy, he was heartbroken.

Not so long after adopting the dog in 2017, the family from Rayton, Missouri, lost their dog, who left their home. Gilpatrick said that the problem was they have not secured the doggie door in a good way. Unfortunately, the family did their best to find the dog but to no avail.

However, after more than 5 years, the family still did not forget their dog. So, their hope was enough to get their dog back as a stray dog was picked up by Raytown animal control, that took him to Midwest Animal Rescue. After checking his microchip, the shelter was able to know the dog’s owner and they directly contacted them to tell them that their dog was in the shelter.

The family was completely surprised to know that their dog was finally found. So, they directly went to the shelter to meet their dog again.

The reunion was very emotional as Little Buppy was finally getting back to his family, who loves him more than anything. How great! Watch the video below.

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