Dog With No Front Legs Melts Owner’s Heart When Running With Her 1st Pair Of Prosthetics

This story speaks about Halo, a Great the Pyrenees who was found abandoned by her breeder who decided that he did not want her anymore. Wallace-Griner found the dog and decided to give her the proper love and care.

Unfortunately, due to health problem, Halo’s front legs were reconstructed and backs were amputated. Halo did not aware that she has any difference in comparison to other dogs, said Wallace-Griner. Halo used to move around the backyard by hopping, but her owners created with the help of OrthoPets a pair of prosthetic legs.

Her owner said that Halo was very happy to have them. The plan was just to let the dog try them, but the dog had different plans as she started taking her first steps on the carpet. The dog felt directly comfortable with them as she even started walking towards the man, who came to the farm.

The great thing was that Halo was able to run around the backyard along with her doggie siblings as she was a quick learner. Seeing that Griner’s eyes were full of tears out of joy. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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