Blind Cow Got Reunited With Her Sister After Being Apart For One Month

This story speaks about 2 sister cows, Love and Hope, who spent more than half of a year living together. Hope, who is blind, was being helped by Love who acted as her eyes.

One family bought Hope in order to breed and raise her, but after realizing that she was blind, they purchased Love also. The family then relocated Hope to Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary as they did not want to have 2 cows.

However, the blind cow was able to create new friendships at the refuge and she was helped by them to adapt in her new life.

Furthermore, when the story of Love’s owners was known by Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary, they contacted the owners to convince them to give them the cow.

Thankfully, they accepted and Love and Hope finally reunited again. The reunion was so great. Watch the video below.

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