Baby Clydesdale Watches His Mom While Performance And Steals The Show

There is no doubt that all animals are cute in some way, but what is cuter than animals are their babies and the video below is a great example.

During a rodeo performance of well-trained horses, a tiny foal stole the light after finding himself accidentally being cheered by the crowd. You can see in the video below a bunch of beautiful horses, that are Clydesdales, doing their performance before stands that are full of audience. But something hilarious happened when the peak of the performance was so close.

A baby horse stole the show after coming out of nowhere. You can see that the foal did not intend to do it but the crowd had different opinion. After coming out, the baby horse saw his mama among the Clydesdales, so, he ran towards her.

You can see that the mama horse was strict to the performance, which left the cute baby horse with nothing but to run around the arena.

Thankfully, the whole moment was recorded by some of the audience and it was shared online. The video went viral and many people commented on it expressing how adorable the horse and the video are. Watch the video below.

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