Horses Captured Looking After Baby Fawn While Her Mom Was Away

When a baby horse was spotted all alone waiting for his mama outside Steamboat Springs, Route County, Colorado, in a farm there, a group of horses came close to him to babysit him to not let him feel alone.

The owner of the ranch, Kally May, went to investigate what was wrong after noticing something unusual in her horses. But when she saw that the horses were taking care of the newborn baby, her heart melted. So, she directly took some photos of the incident to let people know how great the horses are.

Kally contacted wildlife officials as the mama horse was still not able to wake up, which left her worried thinking that the newborn would be an orphan.

She was told to take the newborn to his mama as she will return. Kally’s heart melted again after finding the mama and her baby together the next day. She said that what happened that day let her love her horses more.

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