Great Dane Melts Hearts Of Millions When Asks His Mom To Give Him Morning Hug

Dogs just want to love and be loved no matter how big they are as they like showing their owners how they love them. One-175-pound Great Dane called Kernel has melted millions of people all over the world by showing his pure love to his mama.

The dog who lives in Boston with his mama has a morning routine which is getting extra kisses and hugs from her. But if the love session is skipped for any reason, the dog always reminds his mama that she forgets to give him the morning kisses and hugs.

The dog, who became deaf in October 2021, starts strutting his stuff down the sidewalk, taking hikes, and picking out new toys from the pet store when he is not loved and hugged up on his mother. So, she always gives him what he wants. The dog was about to die after having a tumor, that was 7 inches on his spleen, that unfortunately caused him to loose 4 pounds of blood.

Thankfully, an emergency surgery was being performed by talented doctors which helped the dog survive. The video of the dog went viral getting millions of views and thousands of likes and comments.

Many people commented that the dog is very cute and he can’t be ignored in such a situation. Watch the video below.

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