Family Dog Who Spent One Year On The Streets Finally Reunited With Beloved Owner

Gracie, Kelly Shade’s dog, left her home from the front door after it was left open by one of her guests during the holidays. The woman from Chicago did not give up on her dog as she started looking all over the area and posted signs for many months in hopes that her dog would be back to her.

The dog did not go very far as she just went to the Jackson Park Highlands neighborhood. She was seen many times, but every time anyone tried to rescue her she ran away. She was being fed by many good Samaritans. But she was not able to know how to get back to her home, that was less than kilometers away. One day, Polly Ellison, a dog lover, spotted her and started feeding her in hopes that she can gain her trust.

So, after being unable to gain her trust, she called Katie Campbell, a local rescuer, for help. Working together, they were able to lure Gracie into a crate to take her to check if she had a microchip.

After checking her microchip, they knew that her owner lives so close from where they found her. Despite spending almost a year on the street, the 6-year-old dog seemed uninjured and healthy.

Then, the time for a reunion with her mama came. Once the dog saw Shade, she started wagging her tail, licking and jumping as she knew that she was finally back home. The reunion was very emotional! Watch the video below.

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