Rescue Dog Watches His Baby Brother Taking Wobbly First Steps And Approaches To Help

The bond between dogs and kids is always great and this story is a perfect example. A 3-year-old rescue dog called Millie is smitten with Sam’s baby brother from the first time he came to life.

The dog and the baby directly fell in love with each other as they love doing almost everything together. Arlo, the baby, loves the dog very much and always tries to share snacks with her. Sam said that the dog thinks that she is a human due to the connection between her and Arlo.

Arlo always wanted to stay with Millie, and this was the reason that motivated him to walk. The first time Arlo took his first steps, Millie jumped for help to keep her brother safe.

Now, the 2 friends are running together, and they’re playing fetch all the time. How adorable! Watch the video below.

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