New Adopted Dog Refuses To Look Him In The Eye, As Her Past Left Her Defeated

This story speaks about a little brown dog called Ruthie who is now living with a beloved family indoors, loved, healthy, and clean, after having many years being left outside no matter what the weather was, repeatedly bred, and neglected.

The dog was rescued form JRT John’s Jack Russell Terriers, John D. Jones’ seedy breeding operation, by the authorities along with 38 other dogs.

All of them were taken a PETA, and were put for adoption. Ruthie was having a big trauma from being left outside and she took a lot of time to understand that she was finally safe with Nikki and Kenny Carney, her guardians.

The most important thing was that Ruthie found love in her new forever home. We hope that all the other dogs, that were found with Ruthie, find their forever homes soon. Watch the video below.

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