Adorable Dog Melts Millions Of Hearts While Making Rounds Watching Over Triplets

When a woman gives birth to triplets, it is sure that her life will be so busy as she has to take care of 3 newborn babies. But if she also has a dog the mission will be even harder. That’s exactly what happened with Lauren Barnes who had a Goldendoodle and gave birth to triplets.

But actually, the mission to take care of the triplets is somehow easier as  Sunny, the Goldendoodle, helps the mama taking care of the babies. So, went to TikTok to document her life with her 3 babies along with the dog.

One of the videos  went viral getting millions of views, so, Barnes decided to share it on Facebook, where it got more than 3 million views since it was shared. You can see in the video below the dog taking care of the 3 babies, who were two months old, by kissing and sniffing them to make sure they all well.

It is obvious that Sunny loves her 3 human siblings just as much as their mama loves them. Many people commented on the video expressing the greatness of Sunny to help her mama to take care of the babies. How adorable! Watch the video below.

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