Tiny Blue Penguin Melts Hearts Of 6 Millions With The Sweetest Goodbye To Rescuer

Animal rescuers in New Zealand rescued a tiny blue penguin, who was entangled by plastic netting, which caused him to be severely exhausted and had a wound in his head. They directly took him to the Kaikoura Wildlife Hospital to be treated. Then it was the time to release him back to the ocean.

And was the hardest thing as the penguin created a connection with his rescuers. So, when he was released, he just walked a few steps before going back to the person who cared for him. But he then took a look at the ocean and decided to went to it as he knew that it was him habitat.

Once the waves touched him, he knew that it was the last time he could see his caretakers again, so, he just looked back at her to say goodbye. It was obvious that the caretaker took care of him in the best way ever as he could not just leave her to go to the ocean. But finally, he pushed himself past the heavy waves to get back to his home.

His reaction was caught on a video, that was shared online. The video directly went viral getting more than 4 million views, thousands of likes and comments. Many people commented that animals never forget kindness and this penguin is a perfect example. How adorable! Watch the video below.

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