Cat Melts Hearts Of Nearly 10 Millions When Meets A Puppy For The First Time

Introducing dogs to a cat is not always easy as sometimes do not accept each other. However, sometimes just one side of these animals stays cautious as it does not know what would the other side react. That’s exactly what happened with one cat who was introduced to a bunch of newborn puppies.

The cat out of nowhere found himself surrounded by a bunch of puppies. He was somehow surprised to see them as he just stayed away from them. It seemed that the cat did not want to be given kind of allergy so he stayed away from them to not get overwhelmed by them. Furthermore, one of the puppies got so close to the cat to say hi.

The cat did not even move an inch as he seemed frozen. But when he realized the situation, he leaned back as if his pants got soiled by the puppy. The whole incident was recorded on a video, that was shared online. The video went directly viral getting millions of views, and thousands of likes and comments.

Viewers assumed that the cat realized that the puppies are not a threat as they are babies, but they are somehow annoying him.

The puppies did not stop from tying to be friends with the cat as they continued biting and sniffing him. Finally, the cat accepted the puppies and started playing with them a little bit. How adorable! Watch the video below.

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