Shelter Dog Shows The Sweetest Reaction When He Find His Long-Lost Sister

Meeting someone you know after many years is one of the greatest things ever. So, when a 3-year-old puppy called Vardis, who spent more than half his life between foster homes and shelters, met long-lost sister, he could not hold his happiness!

The dog arrived at OTAT (One Tail At A Time) in Chicago in 2021 with unknown past. He had a bad case of pneumonia, and he was battling it hardly. He was treated very well by the team of vets of OTAT till he made a full recovery!

He was then fostered by a kind woman called Lynsey, who decided to run a DNA test to know what the real breed of the dog is. She was surprised to know that he is 50% American bully, and 45% golden retriever! However, it was the time for Vardis to go to a second foster home with Jessica Jones, who was told about his breed.

Jones said that Vardis’ real personality started to be clear. He is friendly and loves everyone he meets. But one day, a great surprise happened as Vardis received an email with the same DNA test of Vardis but for another dog! This means that Vardis has a sibling!

The information was sent to Jones, and a playdate was scheduled! Jones was a little bit hesitant about Vardis’ reaction, but once Vardis met Brunch, he directly remembered her! She is his long-lost sister! The reunion was so great!

However, Vardis still needs to go to a forever home, where he can’t get worried from being alone or be neglected. We hope that he finds his forever home soon. He can be a great pet as he is so friendly with everyone he meets. Watch the video below.

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