Man Encounter With His Missing Dogs During A Pet Adoption Photoshoot

Sandy Hernandez was devastated when his two dogs went missing, so he spent the entire week searching for them but no avail.

The 2 Siberian Huskies was found in streets by a man who took them to Miami-Dade Animal Services and used them for a photoshoot with Ocean Drive Magazine as doggy models to promote pet adoption.

The person who had found the dogs saw some flyers about them that was posted in the neighborhood by Hernandez, so he called Hernandez and told him that his dogs are now at Animal Services.

Thankfully, Hernandez reunited with his pup, 11-month-old called Kloud, and 3-year-old called Ragnar, and they are now back at their home. He also gets microchipped to both of them to avoid anything like this. Watch the video below.

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