Service Dog Saves His Mom’s Life At Grocery Store After She Has Seizure

Having a service dog is very important for people who may have some surprising health issues during the day. Service dog can really save their owner’s life when needed. That was the case with Amber Laudicina, whose service dog saved her after having a seizure!

Laudicina was with Koda, her service dog, recording a clip of training session at Harris Teeter in Winston-Salem when she had a seizure! The dog lied down ignoring the training commands of Laudicina after a few mins.

So, Laudicina tried to let Koda be back to training again, but she was kinda tired, so, she sat on the floor! Koda did not leave her side with people passed her by! That’s when the assistant manager of the store noticed Laudicina and walked up to help her.

She called EMTs and waited by Laudicina’s side till they arrived! Fortunately, she did not lose her consciousness, and was checked up by the EMTs, who were able to control the seizure without taking her to the hospital. Watch the video below.

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TW: Real Time True Seizure Occurs – this shows the amazing staff at my local Harris and Teeter handling this situation amazingly from beginning to end when medics arrived. Koda is still learning and did very well. The leash unfortunately contributed to a lot of his tasking issues and now tells me he needs to b on a traffic lead. You can train and train for this but you dont know how far youve come until it actually happens. I cant predict my episodes so its truly rare for me to catch it on film. Not that I like showing me in this state, I felt it’s important to show why you shouldnt mess w service dogs. He knew something was up and I should have known better to not be out the way ive been feeling. The first time her barked i wasnt 100% he was truly alerting but after, it was clear and I listened. Now I can know to trust his alerts more and more 🙂 home and resting now. #canecorso #canecorsoitaliano #servicedog #servicedogintraining #servicedogsoftikok #canecorsoservicedogintraining #servicesogprospect #servicedogteam #mastiffsoftiktok #dogtraining #puppytraining101 #puppytraining

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