Cemetery Workers Create Personal Ad For Lonely Widowed Goose, And She finds A New Mate.

This story speaks about a goose called Blossom, who had had a great, long life with Bud, another goose, in Marshalltown, Iowa. Unfortunately, Blossom was left heartbroken after Bud died! Since then, she spent most of her time alone looking at her reflection on model tombstones and in the glass window!

Dorie Tammen, the general manager of the cemetery, knew that Blossom needed at least a companion as she used to spend her life with Bud! So, Dorie shared Blossom’s story online asking for a companion for Blossom, who is lively, adventurous and youthful.

That’s when Randy and Deb Hoyt, owners of Frankie, a widower goose, saw the ad, and decided to set up a meeting between Frankie and Blossom to break their loneliness. Everything was perfect and the both geese greeted each other with open wings. They are now spending their time together! What a happy ending!

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